Instructor Ratings

  • Ratings Average: 4.8 (From Spring 2013- Spring 2015)
  • Scale: 5=Excellent; 4=Above Average; 3=Average; 2=Below Average; 1=Poor

Student Comments on Subject Knowledge & Delivery

Q16. Please provide feedback on the instructor(s) of this class.

    • Chang was very enthusiastic about what she was teaching, and you could tell she really cared about our learning.
    • Eunice is a good instructor!
    • Her lectures were very well planned. Never a dull day or activity. Every small activity connected to a bigger picture/plan.
    • Instruction was provided to us very well and she did a good job of maintaining all of our attention during class.
    • Instruction was very clear and organized.
    • It was very thorough.
    • Ms Chang did an excellent job on teaching the concepts and relating them to our personal and professional lives.
    • Professor Chang is the best teacher ever!
    • she was awesome! I really enjoyed her and she definitely cared about the students.
    • she was very nice and always willing to help
    • The class was taught very well
    • The instruction was straightforward and thoroughly planned.
    • The instruction was unclear at some times, but overall, it was effective and easy to learn.
    • The instructor was very clear with her instruction.
    • The professor of this class was very well organized and extremely helpful during every project. She knew what she was talking about and always ensured that we never left the classroom
    • Very well instructed

(From Students Comments in the Spring 2015 Course Evaluation)


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