Lighthouse CC: Professional Development for Community College Computer Science Faculty (NSF #1432619)  (2015- present)

Awarded $ 1.48 million from National Science Foundation. Program: S-STEM:SCHLR SCI TECH ENG&MATH, IUSE

Collaborate with Dept. of Computer Science, Dept. of Engineering & Society, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Project Overview: Creating a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) and a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) professional development for community college computing faculty. Its purpose is to provide them the motivation and means to enroll and retain more and diverse students including underrepresented minorities, female, and students with disabilities.  Collaborated with the National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT), Computer Scientists, and Sociologists.

Project Role: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Educational Researcher,  Instructional Design and Development , collaborating with faculty members from computer science, sociology, and community college.

A Pilot online course created by a gift from Google

Educational Innovation Project for Engineering School, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (2016-present)

Developing Graduate Engineering Students Communication Skills with online portfolio.

Educational Innovation Grant.  Awarded $65.5K from School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia. Collaborated with faculty in Materials Science and Engineering and Society, the project aims to improve Engineering graduate students’ communication skills through online portfolio.

Project Role: co-PI, co-instructor.

Engaging Undergraduate Students in Technology Integration with Real-world Context Projects (2014- present)

Independent study with colleague instructors of technology integration course at University of Georgia. The project investigates the effectiveness of Project-based learning in a technology integration course, designed with ISTE standards, for undergraduate students.

The project was covered in the media, titled, Undergraduates’ animation finds its way to California classrooms, click here to view the article

Project Role: Project leader

Georgia STEM Accessibility Alliance for students with learning disabilities (NSF Grant #1027655 & #1027655)

Collaborative research by Georgia STEM Accessibility Alliance (GSAA) for students with learning disabilities. Awarded $ 8.46 million from National Science Foundation (NSF).

Project Role: Research assistant (designing online modules to align with e-mentoring and Second Life, collaborating with Georgia Institute of Technology)

Project Website (Georgia Breakthru)

Assisted in developing a NSF grant proposal JITEM: Just-In-Time Support for Implementing Standards-based, Elementary Mathematics Instruction (Fall 2010)

Project Role: Research assistant (supporting grant writing)

Medical Education Office, Samsung Medical Center (2007-2009)

Online Problem-based Learning (e-PBL) (

E-learning Consortium for Korean Medical Education (2008-2009), Project Manager of E-learning Consortium for Korean Medical Education ( )

Professional Development Workshop and Seminars for Medical School

Student Exchange Program with National University of Singapore

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) in Korea University (2006-2007)

Assisted professional development workshops Consulted  Peer Tutoring for undergraduate students in English Mediated Course Assisted u-class project Assisted cyber home learning system project


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