Published Papers (as of Apr, 2016)*

Chang, Y., Cintron, L., Cohoon, J.M., Cohoon, J.P., & Tychonievich, L. (2016). Instructional Design Principles of Diversity-Focused Professional Development MOOC for Community College Computing Faculty: Lighthouse CC, IEEE Frontiers in Education.

Chang, Y. & Hannafin, M. J. (2015). The Uses (and Misuses) of Collaborative Distance Education Technologies, Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 16 (2), 77-92.

Chang, Y. & Park, S. W. (2014). Exploring Students’ Perspectives on College STEM Courses through Document Analysis. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 26 (1), 90-101.

Gregg, N., Chang, Y., & Todd, R. (2012). Social Media, Avatars, and Virtual Worlds: Re-Imagine an Inclusive Learning Environment for Adolescents and Adults with Literacy Barriers. Procedia Computer Science.  [ISI-indexed]

In Review

Chang, Y., Brickman, M., & Hannafin, M. J. (submitted). Minding the Performance Gap: Collaborative Learning in the STEM College Classroom,  the Journal of Learning Sciences.

Chang, Y & Hannafin, M. J. (submitted). Validating learning environments that support group collaboration and learning among diverse underperforming college students, Learning and Individual Differences.

Chang, Y & Hannafin, M. J. (submitted). Individual and group inquiry in college science classrooms: Who benefits?. Studies in Higher Education. 

 Chang. Y., Lee, E, & Hannafin, M.J. (submitted). Aligning Foundations, Models, and Frameworks in Post-secondary Teaching and Learning, Journal of Computing in Higher Education.

Book Chapters 

Hannafin, M.J., Kim, H., & Chang, Y. (accepted).  The role of multimedia in Web-enhanced case-based learning: Promises, challenges and potential in teacher learning research.  In Quek & Wang (Ed.). Designing Technology-mediated Case Learning in Higher Education – A Global Perspective. Singapore: Springer.


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